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Dedicated Educators Offering Immersive Language Learning

As our world recovers from the impacts of isolation and idleness, world travel has been reborn.

Not just as a means of respite and joy, but also as a tool, once taken for granted, to learn about and appreciate the languages, cultures, and people that demand to be experienced in person to be truly understood. 

Outdoor Cafe in Europe
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What we do:

We are a team of educators with one mission: to support the language-learning pursuits of our local students. 
Using donations to sponsor world travel, trips, events, exchange programs, proficiency exams and awards are all part of this mission. 
The world is becoming increasingly multipolar (many powerful and often competing nations) and learning and applying skills taught through World Languages has never been both more important and under-supported. 
The status quo among American schools nationwide is falling short of giving our students a competitive edge and is compromising our national security. Given that the standard age to start a second (and often third) world language is in elementary school globally, our schools have an enormous gap to fill when it comes to giving our students the skills and time they need to become proficient in other languages. That is where we come in. We fund travel and programs to bridge this gap. 

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